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New update rate

Sun is like fire !

The visual quality of the comic pages on Shindra is improving. The new update rate is of 3 pages a week.

More pages.

Sun is like fire !Shindra will now have FOUR NEW PAGES per week instead of two!
They'll be published each Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!
Enjoy your reading!

Shindra is open!

Sun is like fire !After months of hard work, we can officially announce the launch of the Shindra Comics website!

Starting now, you can read every Sunday a new page of the 5th chapter of DragonBall S, and a page of the new series Dunia every Wednesday!

You can of course reread previously released chapters.

In the next few weeks, you’ll also be able to play the demo version of the Shindra card game.
So stay tuned, and enjoy your reading!

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